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rare air 30 | matthew evans


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 30 | matthew evans

Three Gates Media

The whole point of the book is to get rid of the division. I think the reason why people like knowing about (the animal deaths, even for vegan food) is because militant vegans want to tell us that meat is murder… and that never changes anyones mind. I’d really like people to define themselves not by their diet, but by their humanity first.

As a former food critic, chef, author and TV personality Matthew Evans is not new to the ethical sourcing of food.  

 It’s been a passion for well over a decade, and the first book he published on the topic was 2010’s The Real Food Companion.

 Fast forward through many beautiful publications, and numerous TV series and we arrive at his most recent book – On Eating Meat.

 For us as consumers it’s easy to turn a blind eye, but Matthew is completely unafraid to take on the biggest players in the food industry about the -  at least concerning  - and sometimes appalling -  practices that bring food to our tables. Nor is he afraid to ask consumers to examine how we support these practices through our buying and eating power.

Recorded at RTRFM Mount Lawley, Western Australia, July 11, 2019
Mixed by Adrian Sardi at Sugarland Studios
Music "The Summit" by Blue Dot Sessions from
Image: Alan Benson