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Rare Air 3  |  clothilde bullen


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


Rare Air 3 | clothilde bullen

Three Gates Media

Clothilde Bullen is a Wardandi woman, mother of two and a child of two generations of Stolen Children, whose immersion in art began very young.

For ten years she was the curator of Indigenous art at the Art Gallery of Western Australia ( AGWA) and her depth of understanding about the potential positive impact of art to communities is second to none. 

After life-changing leadership development, this year Clo left the safety of full-time work to undertake study for a Masters and PhD with plans to clear the path for many other Aboriginal people to become curators.

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Rare Air podcast © Meri Fatin

Mixed by Adrian Sardi ( The Vault audio post production)
Photo by Eva Fernandez
Production music Part of Me by Alialujah Choir
Theme music Les Jeunes Pousses by Francoiz Breut