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Rare Air 2  |  simon peterffy


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


Rare Air 2 | simon peterffy

Three Gates Media

Militant activists don't often have fans in the general public because of their "lawlessness".

In episode two of the Rare Air podcast, Simon Peterffy, who heads up the Forest Rescue group in WA, highlights his profound fears for the health of the planet, fears that make him impatient with petitions and cake stalls.  The urgency of the problems facing the environment compels him to get in there and physically stop the destruction.

Simon was one of the three activists who jumped on board the Japanese whaler Shonan Maru 2 in January 2012 and were detained for over a week before being handed back to Australian authorities.

And as you'll hear, its not the only time he's put his life on the line for the sake of the planet.

Thanks to Simon for being so generous with his story.
Five not-so-fun facts about forestry

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