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photo essays

photoessay | the burrup

Three Gates Media

The Burrup Peninsula has around one million petroglyphs (rock engravings), the highest concentration of anywhere in the world.  It is a gallery of extraordinary proportions and significance to the story humanity.  It is also a place that holds its secrets close to its chest.  If you take the journey to Murujuga (translates to 'hip bone sticking out'), be sure to take a Ngarluma guide with you or you might find yourself faced with a real world Where's Wally type puzzle.   Industry is threatening this breathtakingly beautiful place and possibly most shocking of all it was recently deregistered as a heritage site.  More Information  

All images copyright Marnie Richardson

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photoessay | john kinsella

Three Gates Media

Artist and jeweller Helena Bogucki has interpreted some of John Kinsella's poetry into pieces of art.  Her tiny tin collection reveals another world and we are so grateful to her for the time she spent putting them together.  There's a few of our own thrown in there for good measure too (ours aren't in tins).

If you'd like to see more of Helena's beautiful jewellery and art, head to her website.

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photoessay | country towns

Three Gates Media

Country towns in Western Australia are as unique as the people who live there.  Sometimes they contain treasures.  Oftentimes they contain reminders of a past we'd like to think we've left behind.  Here's just a few images taken on a recent trip of one such town.

photoessay | general justice

Three Gates Media

It's always such a privilege to be given someone's personal effects to photograph, like being allowed to read a diary but having to fill in the words.  This time The General takes us on a little bit of an international tour overland from the UK to Australia with some images of his latest gig thrown in.  Boomshanka!

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