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rare air 13 | general justice


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 13 | general justice

Three Gates Media

“We all had nicknames and because I knew a little bit more than the rest of the guys they said you better be The General…and when I went to Jamaica in ‘84 I met Mortimo Planno who was a very important Rastafari and introduced myself as The General and he said 'You should be the General for Justice' … so from ‘84 onwards its been General Justice."

He might be best known as the cool dreadlocked DJ and reggae event promoter around Perth but at his heart, General Justice is a loving and committed family man.  

Married to DJ Mumma Trees, he has six daughters, his mum, grandkids and extended family around him and he never fails to acknowledge them.  

His early life in Chapeltown Leeds was disrupted when his Dad was diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent to the Isle of Man for several years to recover.  General went to live with his grandparents and ended up speaking Spanish better than English for a time!  

An epic world trip with his friend Dick ultimately led him to Perth and although he returned to the UK for a couple of years, he’s based himself in Perth since the early 70’s.  

It was here in Perth that the great man himself, Bob Marley once exchanged a few words with The General that literally changed his life forever. And the rest is history.

Three Gates Media thanks General Justice for sharing his story.
Recorded at the RTRFM Studios, Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley Western Australia.
Mixed by Adrian Sardi - The Vault Audio Post Production

Theme Music: Les Jeunes Pousses by Françoiz Breût
Production music: 
Dangerous Times ( and Version) by Dudley Green, Mr General and Mr Chemist
I Am Who I Am ( Version) by Freedom Masses