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explainer | evi ferrier


The finer details of our stories explained.

explainer | evi ferrier

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Evi Ferrier has been involved in plenty of projects mosaicking public spaces, including the “Mother Earth Seat” at Perth’s Acacia Prison with another local artist Minaxi May.


Rocky Bay is the disability services organisation where Evi chose to do her community service after running a red light years ago. Rocky Bay has been supporting people with disabilities since 1938 - beginning as the Western Australian Society for Crippled Children.  Since then, it’s services have expanded beyond institutionalized care, to home care, respite, therapy, training and assistive technology.


Part of the inspiration for Evi’s volunteering trips to Africa was Gemma Sisia.  Gemma grew up on a farm in New South Wales .  After volunteering at a school in Uganda, she was inspired to start the School of St Jude in Tanzania.  

Gemma was also featured on the ABC’s Australian Story 


Evi’s late husband was Family Court judge the Honourable Serge Ferrier.  There is a bursary in his name within the Law School at the University of Western Australia.

When the debate raged around Australia about plain packaging on cigarettes,  Evi and Serge’s son Adam Ferrier, marketer, psychologist and founder of Naked Communications wrote this piece for the ABC’s The Drum. He featured a picture of his father's coffin, decorated as a Marlboro cigarette packet.


Evi Ferrier’s parents were among the fifteen thousand Jews who escaped Nazi Germany and came to Australia as refugees over a three-year period.  This article from the Australian Memories of the Holocaust website explains that at the time, all migrants from Europe were considered ‘aliens’. 

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