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explainer | tina harrod


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explainer | tina harrod

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The Australian Jazz Scene
Although the jazz craze made its way to Australia fairly quickly with American bands touring from around 1922, its hard to know how much true jazz was being played by Australian bands as very little was recorded.   According to Jazz in Australia, it wasn’t until the mid 1940’s that Australian jazz was recorded for distribution.


Women in Jazz
The music industry is still predominantly a man’s world and jazz is no exception.  The Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival was first held in 2012 to complement a Young Women’s Jazz program at the Sydney Improvised Music Association.  Tina Harrod was part of the 2013 program.  The 2015 event will be held in November.


Jackie Orczaczky was Tina Harrod’s partner in work and life.  He moved to Australia from Hungary in 1974.  A big star in his home country, he had a significant impact on the Australian jazz scene as a performer, band-leader and mentor.  In February 2008, aged 60, Jackie died from lymphoma, having given his last performance just a couple of weeks earlier. 


Perth does jazz 
Perth, Western Australia is home to one of the most highly regarded jazz courses in the southern hemisphere.  Located at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and overseen by jazz pianist Assoc. Prof Graham Wood, alumni include saxophonists Troy Roberts and Jamie Oehlers and trumpet player Matt Jodrell, pianist Tom O’Halloran and percussionist Daniel Susnjar. Graham Wood is founder of the Perth International Jazz Festival at which Tina Harrod played this year.


The Australian Jazz Awards – The Bells
Created in honour of Australian jazz great Graeme Bell, MBE, AO. these awards recognise excellence in aspects of jazz – performance, creativity, recording and presentation.  In 2009, Tina Harrod won Best Jazz Vocal Album for “Work Songs”