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rare air 26 | jane caro


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 26 | jane caro

Three Gates Media

“I think I knew on some level that I wasn’t conventional, that I wasn’t an acceptable kind of girl and I worried very much (as a young woman) about how that might affect me…and it took me a very long time to realise that it was a waste of time trying to control how other people responded to me.”

I met Jane Caro at the 2019 Perth Writers Festival just after the publication of “Accidental Feminists” her exploration of the fortunes of a generation of women swept up in the social changes brought about by second wave feminism.

For our conversation that day, the room was full to the brim of avidly connected people, mostly women, there to be in the presence of someone whose courage to speak up publicly has given THEM a voice. They were definitely there for the ideas, but more so for Jane Caro herself.

 Curious to hear more about how Jane’s work life is built around her strongest convictions, I invited her to speak with me for Rare Air.  In this conversation, among MANY things, Jane discusses the challenges of being an honest woman on social media, the value of “preaching to the converted” and her commitment to using her privilege to be a voice for those less safe to speak up.


Thanks so much Jane Caro, I can tell you tap into a deep well of thought, research and good will when you share your views. MF


Recorded at Sugarland Studios, June 5, 2019
Mixed by Adrian Sardi at Sugarland Studios
Music "The Summit" by Blue Dot Sessions from