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rare air 24 | ej love


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 24 | ej love

Three Gates Media

It's essential there's mystery around the life of a sex worker. No need to explain why.

When a worker and client are in the room together, what transpires can feel deeply positive, therapeutic, even, over time, transformative.
But outside the room, that exchange is weighed down by layers of societal judgement that can render it degenerate, immoral and dangerous.

New Zealand-born sex worker, now sexual healer EJ Love has recently gone public about her work and is writing a book that she hopes will shift the shame and blame around sex.

In this candid interview EJ talks about what led to her being in the industry, her own attitudes to sex and the deeper meaning in her work.

Three Gates Media thanks EJ for answering all our sometimes naive and curious questions.