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rare air 5 | joe tuazama


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 5 | joe tuazama

Three Gates Media

"There is no hope - you don't see anything that indicates your life will change."

Joe Tuazama reflects on his seven years in a refugee camp in Guinea, where the main goal each day was to find enough to eat.

First his family fled Liberia to Ivory Coast. But Ivory Coast was terrible in it's own way, so the family headed to refugee camps in Guinea, becoming separated in the process. Seven years in the hell and hopelessness of that environment did not dampen Joe's spirit, and when he finally made it to Australia he made the best of his opportunities. Having already taken up major responsibilities within his family, he expanded that to his community, initiating many activities focussed on the needs of young people and developing a positive relationship with police.
Joe Tuazama has recently been appointed President of the newly formed Organisation of African Communities of Western Australia.


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Mixed by Adrian Sardi ( The Vault audio post production)
Photo by Meri Fatin

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