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rare air 7 | symon still


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 7 | symon still

Three Gates Media

“I’d sit by myself in the middle of the lawn being very sad that it was me. But very thankful it hadn’t happened to someone I knew.”

Symon Still was a born athlete. He moved just because he could. Growing up in a family that was always doing some form of sport, it was natural he would fill many hours of the day trying to improve his fitness and skill.

His ambition was clear and he achieved it - becoming a physical education ( and maths) teacher - where daily immersion in his favourite past-time was coupled with the fun of coaching and interacting with kids.

Then a distracted driver changed Symon's life forever.
But as you'll hear, despite the chronic health issues. pain and emotional challenge of life as a paraplegic, Symon's resilient character remains a powerful life force.

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RareAir podcast © Meri Fatin

Warmest thanks to Symon for being so candid in this conversation.

This podcast was mixed by Adrian Sardi (The Vault audio post production)
Photo by Meri Fatin

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