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rare air 24 | jessica black


Rare Air is the first podcast series produced by three gates media.


rare air 24 | jessica black

Three Gates Media

She's just 21 and her disrupted and dramatic childhood has understandably had a significant impact. 

But possibly not what you'd expect... especially when you realise that podcasts have had a part to play in the resilient human being Jessica Black is today.

Born into a blended family where both parents were dealing and taking drugs, Jessica can't remember a time when her home wasn't frequented by strangers behaving unpredictably and as a consequence she became skilled in the art of reading people to stay safe.
She calls it a "toxic environment". Her Dad left when she was two years old - he's been in a jail a couple of times and although he has since turned his life around, Jessica has never been a priority for him.

Even as a little girl, school was her were her friends' homes. But ultimately it was a family member who posed the worst threat.
Raped violently at eight years old, despite the evidence, Jessica's mother didn't believe her story. That experience was the foundation for her leaving home, permanently, at 12 years old, taking on various jobs to pay for her support. 

She even changed schools (on her own) in mid high school, resulting in a productive mentorship from a teacher that led her to winning WA State Dux of Business Studies in Year 12.
This story is just the beginning, but Jessica Black will inspire and delight.
Three Gates Media thanks Jess immensely for her openness and courage.